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Reinbow is a social media platform that cuts out the BS of traditional platforms while helping you go viral.



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The More you Engage, the more you reach.

As you post more content, your reach to millions of users also increases.


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Experience Authenticity

Reinbow only allows front facing videos in realtime. That means, no fake users and no BS.

With just your face and voice, you can reach millions.

Effortless Engagement

Easily swipe up to respond to other users using video responses.

Orbits For All

Post your content, reply to others, and watch your color change! As your color changes, you'll start reaching more and more users.

Don't take our word for it.

Fatima Salame

I absolutely LOVE Reinbow! It's so fun watching my orbit color change as I post more and more on the app.

James Toriff

Reinbow is a great app to use to connect with others in your free time.

Kastriot Kosova

Reinbow has quickly become my most-used social media app on my phone. It's so easy to create content and share it with friends.

Nicole Williams

When I first downloaded Reinbow, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be posting. Once I realized how care-free and natural I can be on the app I started posting daily!

Matt Brown

Reinbow allows me to easily interact with others in a creative way. The front-facing content feels so much more personal than any other app!

Alex Jones

I can not recommend Reinbow enough! It is the best new app I've seen in years! 10/10

Download now and be socially authentic again.

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